Top Five New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Entrepreneurs – San Diego Corporate Attorney

As a small business owner, an entrepreneur and a corporate attorney, I love to help my clients and other businesses like them thrive. While there are hundreds of ways to improve your business, the following are some resolutions I would suggest trying in the new year to help your small business grow. 

Revisit Your Business Plan
...or write one if you haven’t already. It’s hard to win a race if you don’t know where you are running. Don’t know how to write a plan? The SBA has some great resources to get you started:

Hone your skills
Can you spare fifteen minutes a day to bring your business to the next level and become an expert in your field? Take that time each day to learn more about your trade, whether it is reading a book before bed or the latest updates online with your morning cup of coffee. Our world is ever changing and the entrepreneur needs to learn the ins and outs of his or her work to really succeed in this competitive environment.

Update Your Social Media
What is the best type of advertising? Free advertising! The internet is at our disposal and most social media marketing is free. Get your business on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Start a blog and get involved in the online community. Most of all, get creative with it! There are thousands of ways to showcase your business online and show off your skills. Want some ideas to get started? Look into, and

Protect Yourself Personally
Let’s face it, many small businesses go through hard times financially or deal with litigation for a variety of reasons. Business may be down and you can’t pay vendors on time or maybe there was an issue with an order or service you provided. Just because your company has financial problems, doesn’t mean you have to. Incorporate your business, get proper insurance and get appropriate contracts in place to protect yourself from unexpected turns along the way.

Improve Your Time-Management
As the saying goes: time is money. This is especially true for the small business owner. Document how you spend your day and how your time is allocated. Do you get distracted checking emails or answering the phone? Then spend portions of your day where phone calls and email are off limits. Do you have an inefficient system when it comes to producing a product, managing finances, ordering supplies, etc.? Spend the time upfront to put efficient systems into place so you will save time in the long run. Most importantly, do you spend enough time relaxing, with friends and family and sleeping? It is easy to get burnt out as an entrepreneur and small business owner, but having some down time can actually make you more productive on a daily basis.

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